Everybody hits WOOHOO!

That is exactly what happened in today’s Phillies opener.  Another author (that did a better job than i would have done) already recapped the game but just thought I would touch on certain points of the game that I noticed.  Probably the most upsetting thing, Sarge did not say “Cadillac Time” or “Jumping in the Cadillac” when Howard crushed his homer.  Nor was there a Tyler Walker apperance, although he did warm up in the bullpen which means he sweat enough to hydrate a third world country.

Sans Sweat

holy shit thats a big picture.

Other noteworthy occurrences, Polanco is on pace to hit 972 RBIs and 162 grandslams.   While Roy Halladay cuttered (http://zoowithroy.blogspot.com/) 9 through 7, so pretty much a lock for Cy Young award.  Nevermind the fact that they played the Nationals.  I think the best part of the game was hearing the chants, whether it be a RAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLL chant or a LETS GO PHILLIES, any team that can pull that off in an opposing teams stadium should be commended.

The Phillies have a day of rest tomorrow as they await the match up of Hamels v. Marquis on Wednesday.  I still think it should be Halladay vs. Marquis but what do I know.  It will be our first chance of seeing if the “ex-ace” Hamels can show all the dumb people that he can still pitch (he’s always been able to pitch).  Oh and since no one cares, I am now a Ravens fan for this year.



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